Sharon Cunningham Bride wedding dress


“I can’t find the right words to express how totally fabulous I felt in my wedding dress. It is an exquisite work of art and I shall never part with it.”

Suzanne Kellaway Scothern

Fabrics are to a Couture Wedding Dress Designer, what ingredients are to a Michelin Star chef. We will only ever use the very best.

There are many similarities between what we both do but one main exception: they produce the same exquisite dishes for everyone, whilst each dress that I create is only ever tailored for one bride and one unique occasion. So I choose my fabrics accordingly. I will often specify the exact weight of the fabric to suit both the dress design and the bride herself, so that they drape perfectly.

I source the best silk, duchesse satins and highest quality chantilly, guipure and corded lace, zibeline, organza, ghazzar and crepes from the finest fabric houses in Italy and France.

The fabrics that I love to use have a unique fluidity and lustre. I have worked with some of these mills for many years and know their work intimately. They are master craftsmen and the quality of their work is astonishing. Quite often they will create lace to my own design and use specific beads and sequins of my choosing. Where possible I will source fabrics that will be exclusive to me, and the brides that I dress.

I go to great lengths to ensure that the fabrics I use are also made up in exact colours and dyed to my own specification. It’s often the colour of a duchesse satin that will make a wedding dress of mine so sought after.

When you come for a consultation, I’ll show you some of the beautiful fabrics that I love to work with, as well as the intricate lace detailing that I’ll use to create your perfect wedding dress.