Sharon Cunningham Bride wedding dress


The corset is a technical masterpiece that I have perfected over many years of making couture dresses. It is the very foundation upon which every Sharon Cunningham structured wedding dress is made. Each one is custom made for my clients and made to their exact measurements. It contours their body to create the ultimate silhouette. Invisible on the outside of the dress, it is the secret ingredient for your dress to look so perfect on you, from every angle. It reduces waists by inches and can push the bust higher and be used to define the waist to really play tricks aesthetically on those curves.

Hidden inside the gown, there is no need for upper underwear in most of my gowns. It can be laced up at the back underneath the closure, to take inches off your waist and to provide the ultimate support and silhouette. Often it’s not apparent when the dress is on the hanger. But when you try the dress on, you SEE and FEEL the difference all this skill makes to how you look.

My specific skills of doing corsets all the way to the hip have been honed through many years of experience. This is a handmade process and, with structured gowns, the corset is fitted first before the outer layer of the gown. Most other designers cut corsets just to the waist but my pattern cutting skills and experience enable me to take the corset further down to the hips, so that it doesn’t stop at the waist and give you a bulge there. My structured dresses are then moulded by hand to the corset, to create the absolute perfect shape.

We make a pattern in house in our own atelier and then make a mock up in Calico, called the toile. This is then fitted to perfection to the brides body. The corset is a huge part of what makes a Sharon Cunningham gown so sought after.