Sharon Cunningham Bride wedding dress


I am committed to being ethical and eco-friendly in every single part of my business. I’m passionate about fair trade and an ethical workforce. All my dresses are made in house by artisans and machinists. I only use highly skilled experts to make all the gowns, and everything is made in my atelier here in London.

I source materials only from places where I know the supply chains. Most of the fabrics I use come from the best mills in Italy and France ensuring both quality of supply and in line with my supply chain. Every now and then I might use some fabrics from UK suppliers, but their supply chains are all rigorously checked. For each of our materials we are constantly working on transparent supply chains and using companies that adhere to chemical regulations and correct disposal in the environment.

In the workshop we use recycled paper, and we recycle the paper we do use again. I aim to operate as a modern but responsible business, limiting waste and thinking about our practices all the time.