Brides going Wedding Dress shopping now……..Top Tips!

Brides going Wedding Dress shopping now……..Top Tips!

Now we are all slowly returning to partial normality I thought it might be good idea to give some advice for Brides to be on the quest for their dress. I am going to really just discuss what you should think about now before starting to look.

I would suggest some important considerations before going looking.

Think about your wedding date and venue. How do you want to look and what is good for this type of wedding. It is vital in choosing your dress. Consider the heat, time of year, country, type of service, and the look you are after.

Sharon Cunningham Bride wedding dress

Bespoke One shoulder silk ghazar gown. Fitted bodice with silk ruffles on shoulder and body. Full skirt with gathered ruffle on hem.


Body Shape is a key consideration. Over the nearly thirty years I have been designing gowns I can look at a bride and see what shape is going to work instantly. Often I can pick out the perfect dress. In shops and showrooms today I suspect dresses will be picked out to suit for you. It is worth thinking about what shape really suits you, to reduce the amount of dresses you try on. Be super focused! Bring your hand gel, gloves and a good mask. You will be amazed if you go to a great shop or designer and listen, they will probably pick out the best dress for you.

When you do go, wear a strapless bra and have your hair nice so you can visualise well for your wedding day look. If you think you will wear it up bring a clip with you to wear up so you can try different looks.  Wear easy getting undressed clothes! I would suggest with you, the maximum of one person in your family group. Later when you’re nearer selection then you can get friends involved.

Sharon Cunningham wedding dress fashion illustration

                                                                                                                                                                            Bespoke Design Sketch

Be selective about what shops you go to. Bear in mind your budget and don’t waste time looking at gowns that are not in range. I would suggest a large store with a range of many designers, a stand alone designer and something from mid market.

If you’re looking for a designer dress but have not got the budget definitely worth looking on Stillwhite for the ultimate gown online. Designers send their stock there to renew their samples.  You can often pick up a pristine bargain or a once worn wedding dress for a fraction of the normal retail price.

So good luck and Happy Shopping!